April 14th, 2009

A quick note on preservatives.

How much do ingredients have to do with what cosmetics you buy? Are you concerned about preservatives? I've been doing some research lately and these are a few interesting things I've found out..........

- There is no such thing as a "natural preservative".
- The ones that are given a natural sounding name such as "grape seed oil" actually go through the same process in their making as parabens.
- There is only about 1-3% of these preservatives in anything and that small amount is not supposed to hurt you.
- Parabens have been used for 50 years to preserve cosmetics. You know what else people have been doing for 50 years? SMOKING.
- People should be more concerned about:
a) The dangerous microorganisms that breed in unpreserved cosmetics such as Tetanus and Gangrene.
b) The amount of money spent on these cosmetics when they can no longer be safely used after 2 weeks.
- These preservatives have never been proven to cause cancer and are still seen as safe to use by the FDA.
- Its rare that they cause any kind of skin irritation.

The reason I'm doing this research is because I'm planning on starting a cosmetics business here in the very near future. As a consumer myself I think I'd rather not spend as much on something that is going to last me a while longer.

I'm also a lot more concerned with which companies do not test on animals, have non-animal products and which ones use recyclable materials.

Feel free to do a little research of your own if you want to learn more (I'm by no means an expert on this so don't ask me!).
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