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1.This is a community for those of us who love Bath Products and Skin Care.
2. This is a place for people to promote their own businesses that deal with make-up, skin care, bath products, candles etc. Check the rules down below about that please.
3. Recommendations of certain products are very welcome here. Remember that differences of opinions will be given here, so please be respectful of each other. If not, I will call you on it, or remove you from the community if it gets to be a problem.
4. This is a place to find up to minute products for your inner and outer beauty and well being.
5. No promoting of other communities unless approved by our moderators frootijen, n2kaja, and xhappyx, so please ask if you want to promote another community like this one before you do. Absolutely NO RATING COMMUNITY PROMOS! If you post without asking us, we will delete the post.
6. We welcome recipes to make your own Bath Salts and Soaps, homemade scrubs, astringents, masks, creams, etc.
7. Beauty questions are always welcome.
8. You can talk, trade, give discounts to each other, or share your good bargains and finds with us.
9. This is a place for sharing, promoting your business that is bath and body related, and making new girlfriends.
10. Most of all, HAVE FUN, and invite your friends to join!
I do need to let everyone know that we are not responsible for any transactions taken place between business and customer. If you have any problems, please take them up with each other. We are also not responsible if a recipe doesn't work out for you. You are more than welcome to let us know if something didn't work for you. We are here to get some feedback, which is greatly appreciated.

Pictures are welcome here as long as it goes along with our Bath and Body theme! No naked pics. LJ cut ALL pics.

ALL SALES MUST BE BEHIND LJ CUTS! We are tired of people whining about it.

If you have a long post, LJ CUT IT! This is for those who don't want clutter on their friends page, or for those who are still on dinosaur internet.

Supporters of:
inthebath A place to share your bath stories!
partylite for Partylite consultants, fans of PL who have questions, plus what is new and what has been discontinued.
beauti_control For Beauticontrol Fans and Consultants, sales, recommendations, Consultant locaters, maybe for people who want to get away from Mary Kay and try a company with funner products and who are able to provide Spa Retreats for their customers. The products are truly amazing.

The holidays are fast approaching! Lets get some good ideas for gifts and some great websites to buy from.

Also, please check out our memories section for websites, recipes, or memorable posts. I plan on doing an updated post soon with lists of everyones websites...I will also be writing up reviews of companies and small businesses that we order from.

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